Hello Cup Reviews - What the Web is Saying About It

Hello Cup Reviews - What the Web is Saying About It

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If you are looking for reviews of the Hello Cup, look no further! We have compiled a list of helpful online reviews from all over the world. 

Hello Cup Menstrual Cup | LiveLoveLuna Singapore


  1. LOVE IT! I was able to wear the Hello Cup without any discomfort caused by the stem/toggle and the design makes it easy to use without leakages.
  2. Lower than average cup capacity wasn’t an issue for me, but this may be a factor for others. It can hold a lot of fluid and you shouldn’t have problems with it overflowing if you change it every 4 hours on heavy days and every 8-12 hours on lighter days.
  3. The cup has quite a firm design, but it has no protruding rim and a very smooth texture so it does not cause any pain.
  4. Will definitely purchase more in the coming years and would recommend to all women of all sizes and cervix heights!

Instagram: @rinitee

An ad showed up on Instagram for the @thehellocup, it looked adorable, so I contacted the New Zealand based company to ask if they had any customers with Vaginismus that had success with their cups - they have quite a few sizes and colours which was promising. I told them about my last experience, they were extremely helpful and seemed to really care. A couple of weeks later I received the Teen XS Hello Cup, just in time for my period. As you can see the packaging is adorable as is the cup, it’s definitely got the aesthetics down pat. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t just look pretty, it’s a great little cup!

It’s been a couple of cycles now and it hasn’t become stuck, the rounded toggle makes it much easier to grab out, and the seal easier to break. The MoonCup I had previously would frequently go up too high but I haven’t noticed it as much with the Hello Cup. Some days it is still a little difficult to get in or out and due to the tightness (I can’t even get a finger in some days) and I struggle to get a perfect seal every time for the same reason, so I still use the cloth pads as backup, but I mostly haven’t required them, the cut back on laundry is very much appreciated. The cup itself had a slight plastic odour when I first opened it, it was very faint though, I could only smell it when it was right up against my nose, this disappeared with a quick wash. It is smooth and almost rubbery in texture but gets a good slip with water and especially with Sylk lubricant. The biggest plus for me is the lack of little lips and ridges that hold onto stains and tissue, the Hello Cup is easy to clean, even the little holes are slightly larger so nothing gets stuck in them like it did with my previous cup. It does stain if rinsed in hot water, so I would recommend rinsing in cold water first to avoid staining.

Instagram: @tiaraairenee

finished my cycle and finished using my Hello Cup for the first time ♻️✨ moved to Aussie recently and didn’t want to be wasting so much money on tampons and pads. brought my lil cup with ma as a deal because we weren’t really sure what size would be good for us plus the deal worked out to be a pretty good one 👏🏽✨ the cup comes with a little pouch to store it in when you aren’t using it and instructions to help ya with putting it in and out of your hoohaa 🌸✨

so there’s a few different ways to fold it, the instructions weren’t super clear with how they should look so I looked up on YouTube how to do it and found that was way more helpful and showed even more different ways to fold it🎀✨ I found the cup a little bit stiff so when ya fold it you have to clench it pretty tight before and during you are putting it up there but that’s okay as long as it catches it all 😅 once you’ve got it up there the cup has to be open to catch it all up 🌸✨

I managed to get it right for two days but the other days I was not so lucky. On YouTube a few of them mentioned you usually can get it right after your fourth cycle but I reckon if you just keep wiggling it around and try to make it pop and make sure the base is smooth with no dents you should be sweet as 🌈✨ I found that two folds worked best with me, shown in the little video (cups clean btw💧) but i still had to wiggle and jiggle it around to make sure it was gonna do its job!✨

I brought some pads just as a back up for my first cycle and I would recommend if you aren’t confident you did it right 🙏🏼✨ taking it out I found kinda strange, literally keep pulling til it’s out👋🏼 I checked it more often on my first few days cause that’s when I am at my heaviest but towards the end I checked it not often at all, you can leave it up there for 8 hours but I don’t think you should haha. 🌜🌝🌛 my honest opinion is that I would recommend  for your health, the environment and cost.

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