Review: MenstruHeat for Menstrual Cramps Relief

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The worst thing about getting my period has to be the horrible cramps and aches. Not only does it make me feel uncomfortable and cranky the entire day, the stabbing pain also affects my everyday activities, distracting me from my work. :(

When PSLove provided some packs of MenstruHeat for us to review, I wondered how effective this natural heat therapy could be when even pink Panadols sometimes couldn't ease the cramps. Continue reading for our review!

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How does MenstruHeat work?

It's really simple. When you open the plastic packaging, the ingredients in the heat pack react with the air and start to heat up. There are no medications included in the heat pack, just good ol' natural heat. Peel off the adhesive backing and stick it on your body or clothes, depending on the amount of heat you prefer. 

MenstruHeat Heat Pack for Menstrual Cramp Relief


MenstruHeat are most commonly available in 2-packs, with 2 heat packs and an instruction/fact sheet included. It's also mentioned on the fact sheet that MenstruHeat is registered with the HSA, which is another reassurance that MenstruHeat is a safe product!

MenstruHeat Heat Pack for Menstrual Cramp Relief

Each heat pack is individually wrapped, and once you tear open the packaging, it starts to heat up! So don't tear it open until you're ready to use it, as it will heat up within 10 minutes.

MenstruHeat Heat Pack for Menstrual Cramp Relief


Personally, MenstruHeat has been awesome. It's been effective so far in easing my cramps and backaches, which in my opinion are the worst things about periods. Not to mention, it's long lasting (up to 12 hours of heat!) so I can just stick it on and go about my day, without having to replace the heat pack every few hours. It's sort of like magic!

You can also stash a pack of MenstruHeat in your bag, since it's so small, slim and convenient, so you can use it any time your cramps hit, be it in school or at work!

MenstruHeat Heat Pack for Menstrual Cramp Relief

I got 2 of my friends with more severe cramps to review MenstruHeat as well, just to see if it works for them. Here are their reviews:

"MenstruHeat totally changed my world when I tried it. Being a fitness professional, sometimes my cramps can be a real pain (pun intended) especially since my work requires me to be active - sometimes it interferes with work and i have to cancel teaching clients or classes. I also have trouble sleeping when cramps are bad at night, and end up missing sleep - but these packs are like warm hugs that help me go to bed with no trouble at all! I found a new best friend for my periods :)"

"Was in great pain yesterday and tested MenstruHeat out by pasting the heat pack on my abdominal area and felt some relief after 10 minutes and fell asleep. It was not too hot for me on my skin perhaps because I have high tolerance for the heat but it tends to get less sticky after the 6th hour as I was sweating. Overall is a saviour!

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