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Fleurcup Menstrual Cup

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The Fleurcup menstrual cup, made in France, is a hygienic and reusable protection during their period. Fleurcup is supple and flexible and is positioned in the vagina to collect menstrual fluids.

Please refer to our comparison chart to compare the measurements of our different cups.

Good hygiene and cleaning practices keep your vagina healthy, and your cup in good condition. The Lunette FeelBetter Cleanser is the best and most hassle-free option for cleaning your cup, both during and in between periods.


  Small Large
Diameter 41mm 46mm
Cup body and stem 70mm 70mm
Cup body without stem  47mm 52mm
Stem 23mm 18mm
Volume 25ml 35ml


  • Diameter: 41mm
  • Cup body and stem: 70mm
  • Cup body without stem: 47mm
  • Stem: 23mm
  • Volume: 25ml


  • Diameter: 46mm
  • Cup body and stem: 70mm
  • Cup body without stem: 52mm
  • Stem: 18mm
  • Volume: 35ml


  • 100% composed of USP Class VI 60 Shore platinum medical silicone
  • Does not contain any of the 191 substances of very high concern (SVHC) listed in the latest version of the ECHA candidate list (06/28/2018) at concentrations above 0.1%.
  • Produced in a factory that fully complies with current French and European standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


Have more questions? Take a look at our comprehensive FAQ.

Which menstrual cup is right for me?
There are several factors to consider when choosing a menstrual cup, namely the amount of flow, your anatomy, the location of your cervix, and the stiffness of the cup. Read our guide on how to select the right menstrual cup based on these factors.

How do I use a menstrual cup?

  1. Fold and hold your cups with clean hands
  2. Insert your cup toward your tailbone
  3. Let it open and rotate it slightly, creating a light seal


  1. Relax and find the base on your cup with your fingers
  2. Pinch the base of the cup to break the seal
  3. Remove & empty.

Click here for full instrucitons.

How do i clean my cup?
You can either wash your cup with mild soap or boil it.

Click here for more FAQs

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Singapore Singapore
Too big

It's stupid of me to buy the big one as a first time user, I am glad that with this I reduce my usage of pad, just that it would take some practice for the insertion, I do think this brand I bought might not be the most comfortable one, but it's certainly secure.

Singapore Singapore

I find that the silicon feels slightly stiffer and hence harder to fold but once inside, it feels just like other menstrual cups

Singapore Singapore
I'm not suitable for it

I have rather uncomfortable period cramps and the use of the cup make me more uncomfortable. It might be my body or my lack of experience using the cup, there was leaking during usage as well. Also during the first use there was an uncomfortable stretch as well, i think it is because im not used to it. Overall my experience wasnt up to my expectations. However i will try again when i am able so i do not waste the product.

Singapore Singapore
Didn't work for me

This cup was too soft for me, so it kept falling out. I'm sure it would work fine for other people though!

Singapore Singapore
Good cup

I'd give it a 5* if there's a bigger cup available for first two heavier days of flow.