The Period Co. Organic Cloth Pad Starter Bundle (Save 10%)
The Period Co. Organic Cloth Pad Starter Bundle (Save 10%)


The Period Co. Organic Cloth Pad Starter Bundle (Save 10%)

6 reviews

The Period Co.


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The Period Co. Organic Cloth Pad Bundle has everything that you need to start on your cloth pad journey.

With TPU leakproof layer
All-in-One design with absorbent cotton layers inside, topped and backed with unbleached organic cotton
Closes with plastic snaps

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Eliada Y.
Singapore Singapore
Not bad at all

Really soft and comfortable pads. Still need to be careful with leaking but in my experience, not too different from using disposables. For washing, I use a bar of soap to rub over the stained area after rinsing the used pad and soak for a couple hours in slightly lukewarm water before rinsing out and it seems to help remove most staining.

Christina T.
Singapore Singapore
Make the Switch!

Late review as my period came a bit later than usual, and I wanted to give a more thorough review of this as I feel that that would seriously help other ladies decide whether or not to make the change. These are some thoughts after using the cloth pads over 5 days. I used the regular cloth pad together with my menstrual cup in the day and they worked well together lasting me for about 5-6 hours outside. (Just using a menstrual cup does not give me enough security) The pad was not fully soaked, could probably last another 2 more hours out. At night I slept with only the large cloth pads, they were pretty absorbent and lasted through the night, no leakage - so was good for about 8-10 hours for me. My skin usually feels very dry around my privates at the end of my period week, and sometimes my thighs get slight abrasions (from the wings of normal pads) but with these cloth pads - both issues didn’t occur at all! The cloth pads felt very breathable, and are super soft on the skin. The speed it absorbs blood take a while to get used to, but wasn’t a huge issue for me. Washing - this was my biggest concern and I’m glad to say that the pads were pretty easy to clean. Following instructions, I rinsed them till no more blood came out of them, and then lightly rubbed some soap on and soaked in cold water for 1-2 days. Some of them have very faint stains that couldn’t come off even after light rubbing, but most are as good as new. Hung them out for some Sun to dry thereafter of course. A few faint stains won’t stop me from deciding to contribute lesser waste to our planet :) Cons (just to make this review more objective): Cloth pads are pretty thick, so might not do as well with tight fitting pants/skirts. I guess the menstrual cup + pantyliner combo might be fine. The large ones might move around as there’s only 1 clip to hold the pad steady. Wearing tight fitting undies would definitely help with this though not a huge deterring factor - but could use this as future design reference to consider. I would definitely recommend making this switch :) You don’t have to wear cloth pads all the time, but a small change is better than no change!

Singapore Singapore

Comfortable. Night was too long.

Singapore Singapore

First time using organic cotton pad. I do have itch and discomfort when using disposable pad but after switching over all this issues gone.

Lenny P.
Singapore Singapore
Super absorbent and comfortable

The pad was super soft and is way more comfortable than disposable pads! The absorbency was really great and they are easy to wash