5 Ways To Alleviate Menstrual Cramps

5 Ways To Alleviate Menstrual Cramps

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1. Be Physically Active

It is important for women to be physically active throughout their menstrual cycle.

Stretching and staying active keeps our muscles stretched and constantly circulates blood. Muscle cramps are caused due to the lack of oxygen; therefore, blood brings oxygen to our muscles reducing the chances of it cramping.

Some popular activities that help to reduce menstrual cramps include - swimming, yoga, cycling and low-intensity cardio work out. You should actually design the type of exercise you do during your menstrual cycle, and make it a regular habit - find out more here.

2. Say No To Caffeine but Yes To Tea

Coffee has been proven to aggravate menstrual cramps, as caffeine’s property constricts your blood vessels - increasing tension level and eventually increasing the intensity of pain.

Therefore, we should constrict our temptation for just 4 days and stick to either decaf coffee or teas. Teas are usually great alternatives to coffee - teas such as chamomile, peppermint, etc. have properties that can actually help with reducing menstrual cramps. The warmth that tea brings inside your body helps bring relief both physically and psychologically. Find the popular list of teas you can drink here.

3. Eat Healthy (Fibrous Food + Salad)

Due to PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) we tend to crave a lot of junk food. It is typical and absolutely normal. However, binge eating junk food is not recommended, especially those sugary junk food!

You can always substitute sugar with healthier alternatives like: Dates, Fig and Jaggery.
It is also important to consumer fibrous food- cereals, oats, grains and even salad (all the greens) as they maintain your hormone levels and reduces symptoms like- bloating, headaches and irregular periods!

4. Dark Chocolate

Indulge in your favourite brand of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is still considered “junk”; therefore limit yourself to a cube instead of binge eating the whole bar. Cocoa tends to release endorphins, which is also known as “happy hormones”- this helps release your stress and depression PMS symptom!

5. Use Heat

Heat helps with blood circulation and helps to relax your abdominal muscle, which in turn reduces the cramps. It is also a natural method, which is clinically proven and has no side effects! Heat also sends in “comforting & happy feelings” to your brain, reducing your menstrual pain!

You can use hot water bags, hot towels or heating patches like MenstruHeat!

Find out more about how heat patches work here.

Head over to Menstruheat's website to find out more about these much-raved-about heat packs.

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