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Why Switch to a Menstrual Cup?

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Menstrual cups...

... don't dry you out or disrupt pH levels

Pads create a stifling, moist environment which is ground zero for yeast infections, bacteria and odour. Tampons aren't great for you as well; other than absorbing your menstrual fluid, they also absorb the natural moisture produced by your vagina. This creates an imbalance of moisture and affects the pH levels of your vagina. However, a menstrual cup does not absorb, but rather collects the menstrual fluid to be emptied later. Therefore, the natural fluids produced by your vagina do not get absorbed, and you don't feel uncomfortable and dry.

... are comfortable

Correctly inserted, a menstrual cup is so comfortable that you won't even notice it’s there. It may take a little practice at first to find the angle and position that is right for you. Once you get the hang of inserting the menstrual cup, you will be amazed at how easy it is to use. Say byebye to bulky, uncomfortable pads!

... can go longer between changes

Menstrual cups have a greater capacity than even the most absorbent tampon, so you can go longer between emptying your cup! Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours (depending on your flow). This means less worrying about changing your pad/tampon every few hours for fear of leakage.

... are better for the environment

The average woman throws away around 125-150 kg of tampons, pads and applicators in her lifetime. Can you imagine the sheer amount of waste created? Unlike pads and tampons, menstrual cups are reusable and should last for several years with proper care. Since you can reuse them every period, there is less waste created to clog up our landfills or improperly disposed of in toilets to block up our sewage systems. Menstrual cups are not just good for your body; it's also good for our planet!

... are convenient

Menstrual cups can be used no matter what physical activities you've planned for the day: doing sports, yoga, dancing, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, biking, hiking, camping, travelling, and many more! You no longer have to lug around extra pads or tampons, or worry about leaking. Furthermore, cups are great for people who work long hours or have few chances for toilet breaks! Isn't it great not having to worry about your period?

... are cheaper in the long run

The cost of purchasing a menstrual cup is a one-time cost upfront, which provides you with years of use if you properly take care of it. Compare that to buying a pack of pads or tampons every month. The cup will pay for itself within the first couple of months, and you no longer have to worry about having enough supplies when your period is nearing every month.

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