Super Jennie Menstrual Cup
Super Jennie Menstrual Cup
Super Jennie Menstrual Cup
Super Jennie Menstrual Cup
Super Jennie Menstrual Cup
Super Jennie Menstrual Cup
Super Jennie Menstrual Cup
Super Jennie Menstrual Cup

Super Jennie Menstrual Cup

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Super Jennie is a reusable silicone menstrual cup that is made in the USA and registered with the FDA. Super Jennie is made of medical-grade silicone, in manufacturing units with stringent quality control measures. Quality and safety is assured.

Important - Proper removal method: Gently pull the stem while wiggling it slightly downwards while using your pelvic muscles to push (push like when you have a bowel movement), until you can reach the cup. Afterwards, lightly apply pressure to the base of the cup to break the seal and remove. The stem is prone to damage if pulled on with excessive force. We will not provide compensation for stem damage.


Super Jennie Small
  • Diameter: 43mm
  • Cup body and stem: 62.5mm
  • Cup body without stem: 47.5mm
  • Stem: 15mm
  • Volume: 32ml
  • The stem should not be trimmed

Super Jennie Large

  • Diameter: 47mm
  • Cup body and stem: 68mm
  • Cup body without stem: 52mm
  • Stem: 16mm
  • Volume: 42ml
  • The stem should not be trimmed

Please refer to our comparison chart to compare the measurements of our different cups.

Good hygiene and cleaning practices keep your vagina healthy, and your cup in good condition. The Lunette FeelBetter Cleanser is the best and most hassle-free option for cleaning your cup, both during and in between periods.

Which menstrual cup is right for me?
There are several factors to consider when choosing a menstrual cup, namely the amount of flow, your anatomy, the location of your cervix, and the stiffness of the cup. Read our guide on how to select the right menstrual cup based on these factors.

How do I use a menstrual cup?

  1. Fold and hold your cups with clean hands
  2. Insert your cup toward your tailbone
  3. Let it open and rotate it slightly, creating a light seal


  1. Relax and find the base on your cup with your fingers
  2. Pinch the base of the cup to break the seal
  3. Remove & empty.

Click here for full instrucitons.

How do i clean my cup?
You can either wash your cup with mild soap or boil it.

Click here for more FAQs

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Singapore Singapore


Best cup I've ever used. This one is a replacement for one that I misplaced.

Jodie Y.
Singapore Singapore

Great quality. on the softer side

I'm an experienced cup user, super jennie is one of the softest I've tried. I like the capacity, it is second to my Merula XL. Quality is great but it takes a bit more effort to open it cos of the softness. prefer my Anigan Eva cup's level of firmness. A good cup overall, just that I'm clearer what works for me so it gets 4 stars.

Singapore Singapore

Perfect when u figure it out

I was leaking for many cycles until i realised it was fully opened after insertion. Once I pushed it deeper, everything was perfect!!


Super Jennie Menstrual cup small

My 1st Jennie and I’m loving it...


You will grow to love it

Like all first time users, inserting the cup for the first time was extremely intimidating, especially when you're trying it out during your period, it can be a messy affair in the cubicle, so make sure you're in one with a basin/washing hose! The mess aside, the insertion can be tricky even for regular tampon users as the cup is bigger in size even when it is folded, but once you get past that, you just need to adjust the cup inside of you to make sure that it fully unfolds inside of you and you will be good to go. Wearing a panty liner is highly advisable for first few times of usage. Removal of the cup for the first time could be a nightmare for some. Squatting or putting abit of force will allow the cup to slide down slightly towards the entrance, so it will be much reachable for you. Squeeze the cup and relax, staying tense will not be helpful in removing the cup! Other than the insertion and removal processes which can be quite scary for beginners, they should be glad to know that for the duration the cup is inside, they will feel virtually nothing. The inconvenience of having to wear pads/tampons and changing them regularly due to discomfort or hygiene will be gone.Just empty the cup every 5 hours or so depending on your flow. You can even sleep through the night without worrying about leakages anymore.