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Merula Menstrual Cup Reviews From Our Community

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Here are 3 reviews of the Merula Cup by users in our Facebook community, replicated here for sharing purposes.

REVIEW MERULA XL AND MERULA : Hiii for reference cause I thought it would help, i have used the Merula and merula xl, I bought the xl because the merula capacity was still too small for me, I was still bleeding all over the place at night so I needed a pad which defeats the purpose.

The merula was far better than the cup I tried before it, I swear by the merula, as Long as its in there correctly it doesn’t leak unless it’s full, usually on my heaviest day I was still emptying it out about every 2-3 hours and of course at night was a bloody mess.

Soooo when the XL came out I was like woohoo. Be warned NOT THE SAME THING, the XL is really not as soft, not as comfortable, BUT IT GETS ME THROUGH THE NIGHT, I use it for 2-3 days and swap to my first love the normal merula for my other days.

The merula XL is really an extra large. Maybe because I’ve only had one run with it I’m too used to the normal size. But oh my god going out without the underlining panic that I might have filled my cup within 2 hrs is really nice, it can be up in there for minimum 5 hrs? (I’ll keep track next time) and even if I sleep through the night no problem 😭 that being said, it’s not very fun to put in and I can somewhat kinda feel it, unlike the smaller size which I feel nothing.

BUT I get through the night so merula for the win, merula XL is the answer for the heavy flow girls. 

 Finally managed to use the Merula XL on a heavy period day!

Capacity: It’s great! While I had to empty my Lunette small cup every 8hrs (it would start leaking), the Merula held up. After almost 24hrs it still hasn’t leaked. The cup was 3/4 full though, when I removed it during my shower just now.

Ease of insertion: Lol, not easy. I use the Punch down fold cos that’s what I’m used to. The cup is still pretty huge after folding. But I’m gonna stick with this fold cos it’s easier to get it to open up compared to any other fold for this cup. Still, the Merula doesn’t pop open easily cos of its shape.

Length of cup & stem: I have a high cervix even mid-cycle. Despite the length, the stem is buried all the way inside, for me. The rungs on the stem is useful tho! Much easier to tug on it slightly and to locate it during removal.

Suction: VERY Strong! If I tug at the stem, I can feel the strength of the suction! Which is quite worrying when I think about women who like to pull the stem to remove. Please don’t do that. It’s actually very bad for your pelvic floor muscles, according to my PF physio. Remember to break the seal the usual way, before walking the cup out slowly.

Ease of removal: If the large size makes it hard to insert, you can imagine how the removal process goes! I was trying not to spill the contents as I wanted to check the level of blood in it, so i didn’t wanna squeeze the cup too small during removal in case anything spilt out.

Verdict: Happy with it! Had a busy day teaching at the gym, and even trained squats and bench press today. Didn’t feel the cup at all. 🙂 9/10 would recommend to those with heavy period flow, but wouldn’t recommend to first time cup users due to its size. 

 just tried the merula cup (finally) after a few months of owning it. my period is just starting for this cycle so i thought i should finally give it a try.

used the punch down fold and tried to make the insertion part as small as possible and it was pretty easy! only thing is i don't really feel a pop like the lunette so i'm not 100% sure the cup opened fully (but i think it did)

due to the wider rim, my dangly and low cervix seems to be sitting completely inside the cup.

well i guess i'll know tomorrow if the cup fully opened 🙂

will also update again on the comfort level but right now i'm not sure if i'm feeling the cup like 5% or it could be due to the numerous tugging on the stem and adjustments i was making earlier 😂

UPDATE: No leaks! i guess it opened fully 😂 also comfortable as hell, was just being a bit paranoid last night lol

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