The Period Co. Impact

Waste Products Diverted

Since our start in 2016, we have helped thousands of users switch to environmentally friendly reusable menstrual products.

By our estimates, we have diverted 11,406,385 disposable pads and tampons, the equivalent of 57,000kg of plastic, from entering our waste system.

2% Give Back

The Period Co. has proudly partnered with Go With The Flow to give 2% of our total online sales in-kind to their cause. These menstrual healthcare products will be distributed to beneficiaries under accredited social service agencies.

Go With The Flow (GWTF) is a local charity that aims to provide better access to menstrual healthcare for Singapore's low-income communities, through donation and distribution of menstrual necessities.

Our Brands' Impact

Eco Femme

Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010. Based in Tamil Nadu, India, their goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering.

Pad for Pad Program
Pad for Pad connects customers and adolescent girls in India through the shared experience of menstruation, respect for our bodies, and love for the earth. When people around the world choose to use Eco Femme's cloth pads, their purchase ensures that other girls, who might not otherwise be able to, get to access clean, alternative menstrual products and answers to their questions.

Pad for Sisters
Eco Femme provides cloth pads in bulk at a subsidised price which reflects willingness of Women Self Help Group members to pay (based on research and market trials). Alternatively for organizations or clubs interesting in sponsoring cloth pads for people who otherwise could not afford the products, they offer bulk rate discounts.


Pride (2018)
Lunette celebrates love and equality for Pride every day, but were able to really support the cause this summer by donating 5€ to Seta for every piece of Pride Diamond Vulva jewelry that was sold in the months of June, July and August.

Fida International (2017 onwards)
Lunette is Fida International’s partner in a project that aims to provide economically and environmentally sustainable periods for menstruators in East Africa.

The Cup project – Kenya (2015 onwards)
The Cup educates menstruators, helps them with their changing bodies and provides them with a Lunette menstrual cup. 

Yennenga progress – Burkina Faso (2014)
Yennenga Progress launched a project to educate the menstruating people in school in Burkina Faso, and Lunette provided menstrual cups for everyone.


‘Give a Pair’ Ending period poverty
Modibodi is committed to increasing access to sustainable menstrual hygiene products for menstruating people in need globally and in times of crisis. A small percentage of every purchase made by a customer goes towards providing product directly into the hands of menstruating people in need.

Reducing period and body shame
Modibodi is proud to be involved in facilitating education programs that champion positive, open and truthful conversations around health issues - periods, incontinence, and menopause – and are focused on reducing body shame, isolation and the stigma associated with these issues.


As a certified B Corp, Saalt commits 2% of their revenue to donate period care to regions with the most need, and help fund initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability.

WISER - Kenya (2021)
In 2021, Saalt donated 350 Saalt Cups and 240 pairs of Saalt Wear to the students at WISER, ensuring all new and returning students have access to period care. The class of 2021 was the 8th class of girls in a row to graduate 100% of its senior class and the first to have 100% of students accepted into a program for post-secondary education.

Equal Period - USA (2020 onwards)
Since 2020, Saalt has donated hundreds of Saalt Cups each month to Equal Period for distribution to shelters that serve people experiencing homelessness and victims of domestic violence.

Style Her Empowered - Togo (2019 onwards)
Style Her Empowered and Saalt have partnered to support girls’ education, women’s employability training, and access to Saalt Cups since 2019. In 2021, Saalt funded 166 educational scholarships for girls and piloted SHE’s first women’s cooperative in the remote village of Kpove. SHE’s students achieved the highest pass rate in the program’s history. Despite the nine-month disruption to their school year, 99% of SHE’s students passed their classes and are continuing on to the next grade level.

Dreams of the Tropical Youth - Uganda (2018 onwards)
Since 2018, Saalt has funded the construction of three latrines, four handwashing facilities and four incinerators for DROTY students, along with the donation of 700 Saalt Cups and 50 pairs of Saalt Wear.

Her International - Nepal (2018 onwards)
Since 2018, Saalt has funded Her International’s mobile menstrual health and hygiene education program and donates more than 3,000 Saalt Cups every year to ensure that everyone enrolled in their programs and in the wider community has access to the period care products they need to have a healthy, dignified period. The first delivery of Saalt Wear to rural Nepal in 2021 helped to meet the needs of a group of women with developmental and physical disabilities.