About Us

The Period Co. (previously known as LiveLoveLuna) is an eco-friendly business based in Singapore, specialising in reusable menstrual products - menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads, and period underwear. We aim to be the leading menstruation resource in Asia for people who menstruate.

The idea of The Period Co. came about when we came across an article on menstrual cups shared on social media. We realised there were no retailers of menstrual cups or other alternatives on our sunny little island. In fact, a majority of the public in Singapore and the region were still not aware or knowledgeable of the alternative menstrual products available to them.

As early adopters and huge fans of menstrual cups, we want to introduce more people to the convenience of these sustainable menstrual products, as alternatives to the disposables currently available in our market. Besides bringing about convenience for users, reusable menstrual products also produce less waste and are kinder to the environment.

There is a lack of openness and education on the topic of menstruation, and as such is still seen as taboo for many people. The Period Co. aims to create open discussion on the topic of menstruation, without any feelings of embarrassment, awkwardness and shame. No one should be ashamed of saying "I'm on my period".