Super Jennie Menstrual Cup Reviews - What the Web is Saying About It

Super Jennie Menstrual Cup Reviews - What the Web is Saying About It

Posted by Christina Ng on

If you are looking for reviews of the Super Jennie menstrual cup, look no further! We have compiled a list of helpful online reviews from all over the world.

Super Jennie Menstrual Cup

So I bought the SuperJennie cup earlier this month and was able to try it out right away.

My goldilocks cup is the large Fleur. I was a bit skeptical about how the SuperJennie could work better. At first I found it a little harder to open. It took some fiddling, but I got used to it. I use the punch down fold and coudn't punch it down all the way because it wouldn't pop open as easily as the Fleur. By the end of my cycle it was as easy to insert as the Fleur.

For the first time in a long time I had an accident-free month. No overflows. I think this could be a combination of two things. One, I was being paranoid and emptying it any time I felt the slightest bubbling, and that was usually at 7.5mL.  Two, my cycle alternates between angry river and silent flood. I was on angry river this month (cramps, but lighter flow). I only completely filled the cup once, (overnight) and I wasn't able to see how full it was because I was sleepy, wasn't used to the cup, and dumped half of it in the toilet trying to remove the cup. Removal got easier too. I'm curious to see if I can wear it overnight without leaks on a silent flood month. With the Fleur I usualy have 1 or 2 nights that I have to get up and change it in the middle of the night.

The cup measures approximately 37mL to the holes and 41 to the top. Although I don't need the stem I might just leave it because it didn't bother me at all. - kathlyne

I got my Super Jennie in the mail today and here is my review.

The first thing I noticed is that the Super Jennie was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. The SJ is a very soft cup. For me it is just on the verge of being too soft, but not quite. I am one of these people who has to let the cup open and then push it up. Even though the cup is really soft, this method still works with this cup. Once the cup is in, it is like you are not wearing a cup at all. I know you can’t feel most cups but with this cup, it is as if it is totally non-existent. Even when you squeeze with your muscles, you cannot feel it whatsoever. It’s great that you can’t feel it there but I am curious to see if when I have my period that I am over-anxious because it feels like nothing is there. Sometimes just feeling I am wearing one gives me security knowing I am not bleeding all over the place.

I did a capacity test with the SJ. It turns out that the SJ holds the exact same amount as the large Yuuki. This means it holds more than the Meluna XL but less than the Luv Ur Body.

The stem on this cup is really thin. I like it in the fact that it looks like it is part of the cup, not a stem that has been added to the cup. When I removed the cup, it was quite easy to get out. I can’t really talk about a “seal” with the cup because I never really experience much of a seal with most cups aside from the Meluna XL Sport. I was worried that the stem would come off like the one on my large Yuuki did but I think it is going to be fine since getting the cup out was easy.

I am not good with getting a cup to pop open while inside but I tried folding it in a C-fold for my review. The cup is pretty springy and wanted to open up on my hand while holding it. If my hands were slippery or wet, I don’t think I could have held onto it.

I can’t write about whether or not I experienced any leaks since I am not having my period right now. We’ll see how it works when that time comes! - bluemoon79 

Amazon Review

Okay, my period is due any day now, so the SECOND my cup was dropped into my mailbox, I rushed out to grab it, wash it, and try it on.

I'll be honest. I like a firm cup. When I say firm, I mean FIRM! This cup isn't even close to what I would consider to be firm, or even what I would consider to be medium softness. It is soft like a Jello jiggler! That worried me. I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to get it open, and even if I did, I would have to spend a lot of time coaxing it open. Nope! I was able to use the punch-down fold, and get the cup open and in position in 60 seconds or less! You don't know how much this means to me. My biggest problem with any cup, is being able to get it open quickly and easily. I thought it was maybe a fluke, so I pulled it out, rinsed it off, and tried again. Easy as the first try.

This cup also holds a LOT. I'm not worried about capacity or leaks as I'm pretty experienced with using a cup, and can troubleshoot those problems, should they arise. So, this little gem will be great for my heaviest flow days!

On to the stem. I actually couldn't feel it. This was a surprise to me because I ALWAYS feel the stem, at least at first. Not on this cup! Again, I thought it was too good to be true, so I stood up and wriggled around. I sat down as fast as I could on the hardest surface I could find. I did toe-touches. I bounced around on my bed like a kid at bedtime. I twerked. I scrunched myself into a ball. I did lunges. I did everything I could think of to try to make the cup shift uncomfortably, or make the stem feel awkward. Nothing worked! The cup stayed completely in place! So, I tried the ultimate test. I had a bowel movement. If you can do that whilst wearing a cup, without having to reposition it, you know you've got a good thing!

In short, I do not understand how they could make a cup so small that can hold so much, a cup that is so soft, yet can open so easily and not slip, and how they can keep the price so low, while making it attractive, with everything from the holes to the seams being nicely finished. I suspect there might be some sorcery involved. Either way, thank you Super Jennie for coming to the rescue! Five stars all around! - Jennifer Lewis

After having used other branded menstrual cups for four years I recently bought both the large and small Super Jennie cups. I LOVE THEM!!!! Super Jennie large has such capacity that I can easily wear my cup without any concern, even overnight! I have no leaks, don't experience any cramping, and find the Super Jennie brand cups to be the BEST I've ever seen. So much so that I bought one for each of my siblings! Super Jennie makes my period not just manageable but actually semi enjoyable! I cannot recommend Super Jennie enough - truly 10/10 all around, plus the have exceptional customer service. All round this company has me as a customer for life! Thank you Super Jennie! You really do come to the rescue and exceeded my high expectations in every aspect <3 - Liz

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