LiveLoveLuna will soon be The Period Co.

Posted by Gee Ann on

That's right, we are changing our brand!

With the idea of bringing menstrual cups to Singaporeans, we started a Carousell account 4 years ago with a lot of hope and a few boxes of menstrual cups. At that time, we never realized that one day, we would be a full-fledged business with our own store, carrying a full range of reusable menstrual products. This rebrand has been a long time coming as we have always felt that no one really knew what 'LiveLoveLuna' stood for - it was just a name we came up with because we needed one.

As we grow, our brand should reflect what we do best - managing periods. From information on menstruation and the reproductive system, to making different period products accessible to this part of the world, we talk about periods on a daily basis. It is the sole focus of our business - to make periods happier, healthier and greener for everyone. The Period Co. was naturally the most apt name we found.

In the coming week, we will be gradually changing our look on our website and social media. We will continue striving to be a leading resource on menstruation, breaking taboos and facilitating open discussion, and making reusable menstrual products more accessible for everyone.

Thank you for supporting us all this while, as we've grown and learned throughout these past 4 years. 

- Gee

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