The Eco Femme Cloth Pad Movement

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For every Eco Femme pad you purchase from us, a pad is donated to an Indian girl through the Pad for Pad Program. In India, education on menstruation is lacking due to the taboo, and a majority of girls are not taught how to properly manage their periods. As many cannot afford disposable pads, cloth pads are still used in many parts of India. Every purchase helps to fund the education programmes organized by Eco Femme, as well as the Pad for Pad Program. You know how hard managing your period can be sometimes, so here's your chance to help out a fellow girl in India!

The Cloth Fairy has a review up on her blog of the Eco Femme Night Pad, where she talks about the Eco Femme movement and why she chose this pad for the 1st night of her period where it's heaviest.

Here's Part 2 of her review after testing out the pad. We're glad it performed wonderfully! It's a great night pad if you have a heavy flow at night, or if you tend to leak down the back of the pad.

Eco Femme Night Pad

If you want to try out cloth pads, you can click here to purchase Eco Femme cloth pads.

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