Menstrual Cups Microwaveable Sanitiser
Menstrual Cups Microwaveable Sanitiser
Menstrual Cups Microwaveable Sanitiser


Menstrual Cups Microwaveable Sanitiser

Clean your menstrual cup quickly, easily, and effectively right in the microwave.

The small amount of water in the sanitiser boiling causes extremely hot steam to rise and sanitise the menstrual cup. A convenient handle makes it easy to remove from the microwave. Once the menstrual cup has cooled down, it can immediately be used again or stored in the small breathable cotton bag until your next period.

Application: Fill the sanitiser up to the marking line with clean water. If necessary, add a splash of vinegar to prevent limescale deposits from forming. Place your rinsed menstrual cup on the blue insert with the opening facing down. Close the lid and open the steam valve. Heat the sanitiser in the microwave at 750 watts for 5 minutes. If the wattage is different, adjust the heating time accordingly. Make sure the water in the sanitiser does not evaporate completely. After the heating process, the sanitiser and its contents are extremely hot, and hot water or steam can escape from the cup.

Storage: Store the sanitiser dry and with its lid open.

This product is made by Merula. The material of the microwaveable sanitiser has been tested according to German standards and meets the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1935 2004, Regulation (EC) 10/2011, and the LFGB. The sanitiser is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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