Saalt Menstrual Cup

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Designed to be the most comfortable and easiest to use cup on the market. Great option for first-time users as the slightly firmer silicone allows it to open easily when inserted.

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Saalt Cup Size Guide

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The Saalt Cup is a reusable soft silicone cup worn internally like a tampon, but collects—rather than absorbs—your period. It stays in place by creating a seal between the cup and your vaginal wall. Once your cup is filled, you simply empty, rinse, and reinsert the cup for another 12 hours of protection. 

The Saalt Cup is a reusable menstrual cup made of 100% medical-grade silicone and includes FDA compliant dyes, making it biocompatible and hypoallergenic.

      Includes one cup + one carry bag.

      Saalt Small is suited for:

      • Light to normal flow (2–3 tampons)
      • First-time user
      • Low cervix

      Saalt Regular is suited for:

      • Normal to heavy flow
      • High-capacity
      • High cervix

      Please refer to our comparison chart to compare the measurements of our different cups.

      Good hygiene and cleaning practices keep your vagina healthy, and your cup in good condition. The Lunette FeelBetter Cleanser is the best and most hassle-free option for cleaning your cup, both during and in between periods.


      Saalt Small Measurements:

      • Diameter: 41mm
      • Cup body and stem: 70mm
      • Cup body without stem: 47mm
      • Stem: 23mm
      • Volume: 25ml

      Saalt Regular Measurements:

      • Diameter: 46mm
      • Cup body and stem: 70mm
      • Cup body without stem: 52mm
      • Stem: 18mm
      • Volume: 30ml


      • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
      • USA FDA Approved
      • 100% Odour Free Medical Grade Silicone
      • USA FDA Approved

      Saalt Small

      • Diameter: 41mm
      • Cup body and stem: 70mm
      • Cup body without stem: 47mm
      • Stem: 23mm
      • Volume: 25ml

      Saalt Regular

      • Diameter: 46mm
      • Cup body and stem: 70mm
      • Cup body without stem: 52mm
      • Stem: 18mm
      • Volume: 30ml

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      There are several factors to consider when choosing a menstrual cup, namely the amount of flow, your anatomy, the location of your cervix, and the stiffness of the cup.

      Take our quiz to find out which menstrual cup will best suit your needs. You may also refer to our comparison chart for more information.

      Here are the basic steps to insert your menstrual cup. For more information, please refer to our blog post here.

      1. Using warm water and mild soap, wash your hands and cup under clean running water
      2. Choose a folding method and fold the cup
      3. You can stand, squat, sit, or raise one of your legs. Hold your cup firmly and guide it towards your vagina
      4. Relax your pelvic muscles and gently separate your labia with your other hand
      5. Guide your cup into your vagina, pointing it upwards toward the base of your spine
      6. Try to keep the cup folded until the cup body is entirely inside of your vagina
      7. Gently release the folded cup – the cup will pop open and create a seal
      8. Run a finger along the base of the cup to ensure that it has opened completely – if you feel any folds, hold the base of your cup and gently rotate it until it opens completely and creates a seal
      9. Gently hold the base of the cup, not the stem, and try to rotate it from side to side to ensure it is sealed

      Before using the cup for the first time, check that the air holes at the top are open. Wash your hands and clean the cup by washing with water and a mild soap. Then boil it in a large pot for 20 minutes before first use. You may place the cup in a wire whisk to prevent contact with the bottom of the pan during boiling, which may damage it.

      During your period, it is best to wash your cup with a cup cleanser and warm water every time you empty it. However, if you are using a public restroom, camping, travelling or just do not have access to running water you can either rinse your cup with bottled water or wipe it with a piece of clean tissue – once convenient, wash your cup thoroughly.

      After your period has ended, clean the cup thoroughly with a cup cleanser and warm water. You may also sterilise your cup with a menstrual cup steriliser or baby bottle steriliser. You may let the cup sit near a sunny window to remove discolouration and odour. Store the cup in the cotton pouch or any breathable container or bag.

      You can refer to this blog post for a thorough guide on cleaning and caring for your menstrual cup!