Love Luna Period Underwear

Keep Your Sheets Clean With These Period Panties

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

- waking up to stains on your (and sometimes on others') bed sheets
- feeling a leak when standing up from your desk at work or school
- wearing a huge night-time pad that feels like a diaper
- pesky wings that give you a bikini wax you didn't agree to

If your answer is yes, it's time you meet this period game changer:
comfortable, leak-free, and affordable period underwear!

How Do They Work?

These Love Luna period panties work as a backup for a light liner, tampon or cup. Depending on your flow, they can also be worn by themselves. The 4 layers of protection that makes this possible include:

1. SOFT COTTON LINING On the inside closest to your skin for all day/night comfort

2. ABSORBENT PADDING Breathable layer to catch all those spills

3. WATERPROOF LAYER Protects your sheets and clothing and prevents awkward accidents

4. SLEEK MICROFIBRE/COTTON OUTER On the outside depending on the style of underwear





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